Wu Wei

informació obra

Raquel Klein
Jesús Benzal, Daniel Corrales, Marina Fullana, Diana Riagata, Martina Rocosa
Adrià Juan, Albert Tarrats
Interpretació musical:
Adrià Juan, Albert Tarrats
Mariona Naudin
Mariona Naudin

L’arrel d’aquest espectacle es troba en un solo de Raquel Klein titulat 1’28, en referència al segon i mig que triga la llum a cobrir la distància que separa la Lluna de la Terra. La capacitat de la llum per transformar els objectes i modelar-ne de nous torna a aparèixer a Wu Wei, una peça per a cinc ballarins i dos músics que s’interroga sobre el temps, el buit o la importància de ser en un lloc. D’aquí que el títol, aquest cop, faci al·lusió a un concepte de la filosofia taoista que significa ‘no acció’.

Crítica: Wu Wei


The (excruciating) art of effortless action

per Alx Phillips

Wu Wei is the first medium-format work by Raquel Klein, the award-winning dancer and choreographer behind the 2017 solo 1’28. The new piece for five dancers and two musicians (Adrià Juan and Albert Tarrats) takes its title from a Chinese term meaning ‘effortless action’ or ‘a serene acceptance of events’, a concept of Taoism. 

First developed three years ago, Klein says she was working out a choreographic language that suited her and, despite contemporary pressures, decided on something quiet, patient, expansive. The early half-hour piece has been extended to 50 minutes, though the beginning and ending merge with contextual activity, and the limits of the stage are breached by the dancers. 

The piece is demanding on the audience: before it begins we must ourselves surrender to nature; queuing in a curl around the foyer to gain access to the performance area, where the seats are unnumbered. Small sections of the crowd break off and surge forward where opportunities to enter earlier arise; effects as inevitable and spontaneous as natural processes. 

Just as time and our patience has been stretched, in an ebb and flow of light and sound, using ceramic and stone as sources, the dancers yield to the gentle force of their surroundings.