Fitzroy - Quatre dones al límit

informació obra

Sergi Belbel
Míriam Iscla, Sílvia Bel, Sara Espígul, Natalia Sánchez
Jordi Galceran
Josep Iglesias, Max Glaenzel
Kiku Planas

Quatre escaladores estan a mitja ascensió del Fitzroy, una muntanya situada al camp de gel de la Patagònia sud, entre Argentina i Xile, una de les vies d’escalada més complicades del món i mai assolida per una cordada femenina. El mal temps les ha fet aturar i, mentre esperen que les condicions millorin, arrecerades en un sortint de la roca, sorgeixen problemes inesperats que les fan dubtar de si tirar endavant l’ascensió o rendir-se. Continuar significaria assumir riscos que no havien previst i que poden posar en perill les seves vides, rendir-se seria renunciar a la possibilitat d’assolir una fita que potser no podran repetir mai.

Crítica: Fitzroy - Quatre dones al límit


Few highs in rocky comedy

per Alx Phillips

Set 3,000 metres up Monte Fitz Roy, a jagged tooth of a mountain in the Patagonian Andes, on the once-contested border between Argentina and Chile, four female climbers wait for a good moment to make their record-breaking ascent. 
In this sublime place, trembling with political resonance, with the Southern Patagonian Ice Field stretching out below, and the 3,405 metre Fitz Roy looming up among six rocky neighbours, these theatrical alpinists are wedged into something much like a nativity scene. Serious climbers; they are, simultaneously, four caganers who make banal conversation, often diverting into sexual or scatalogical humour.
This new collaboration between Jordi Galceran and Sergi Belbel is an entertaining if disheartening ride. Seriousness foiled; any attempt to make poetry or elevate the moment into something heroic is swiftly deflated in the trivial dialogue. One woman has cheated with another’s husband; another writes self help books that she does not believe in; a third has a secret, a betrayal of the worst kind. Joked about, its tragedy is not lessened but untethered. 
A trope is a game the women play when a word is added to a string of others to make a sentence; perhaps a metaphor for the climb, or even for life: a forgotten word is a crucial lost link, and you lose: tumble down to base camp.

About Fitz Roy
Argentine explorer Francisco Moreno spotted the mountain in 1877 and named it after Captain Robert FitzRoy of the HMS Beagle (the ship that carried Charles Darwin), who had charted large parts of the Patagonian coast in 1834. The mountain was first climbed by a pair of Frenchman in 1952. And in 1969, a film was made that told the story of an ascent of the southwest buttress, known as the Eslovaca route. A 2018 documentary called Mountain of Storms tells the story of the making of the film.